Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been quite a while since I updated the blog. I'm so far behind that I don't know where to start. The summer trip was wonderful but left us scrambling to get our house/yard/lives back on track. I think maybe we are caught up finally after a couple of months! Maybe.

On the knitting front....I finished my first ever pair of socks last week. Knitted them in Simply Soft Caron on size 4 needles. I would post a pic but they are in the laundry hamper. I never had any urge to knit socks but I did enjoy it and have bought yarn and needles for another pair. Actual sock yarn this time. Eeekkkk! And size 2 needles....Double Eeeekkkk!

I am still slogging away at the Alpine Lace Stole. I can only get 4 rows per day done at the most so it's gonna take awhile. But that's ok.

I have finished the second panel of the Paneled Afghan. It's looking good and I have the 3rd panel planned. It's going to be done using the Zurich Scarf pattern.

I just started the Heelhead Scarf in black Malabrigo worsted. I think it will be nice. I plan to make one for Mother and one for myself.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is just as stuffed as I am!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Design Contest!

Only two days left to vote but I forgot to put up the link until today! The Lone Star State Knitters have a design contest every year and the time is now. There are some really great designs this year.

How do you see for yourself? Go here, then click on Design Contest on the left hand side. Scroll down that page to see the designs and at the bottom of the page there is a link to vote. Anyone can vote!

I know you are all disappointed not to hear more about my trip this summer.....LOL. Maybe next week I will resume the travel tales. Or Not!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tales of Travels

I have been gone for 7 weeks and decided that I would write a little about our trip. Hopefully, it will be interesting to read. If not, well....just don't read it!

We have an RV and have traveled in it for years but this was to be our first trip of a more rustic nature. We bought a generator and G had researched campgrounds in National Forests and parks where we could have a little more space and enjoy nature. Call it boondocking, dry camping, roughing it...whatever. We were excited to try something new and get away from the crowded rv parks.

July 21, 2009-Left home headed for Ruidoso, NM.

Well, I've heard before that if you want to make God laugh....make plans. He must've had a really good belly laugh today. We were up early and had planned to leave home no later than 8 am so we could get to Brownfield, TX before the hottest (105 degree) part of the day. As I went into the spare bedroom to gather some things from the bed, I noticed that the bed was wet and water was dripping from the light fixture above the bed. I went out to tell G the bad news....the a/c drain is stopped up and leaking into the guest bedroom.....we spent about an hour and a half unstopping the drain. Had to climb up in the attic and then take the drain apart under the bathroom sink. Oh it was gross and messy and not the way to start a trip. I was ready to give up and try again tomorrow. But we did leave, albeit a few hours later than planned, and made our destination.

Then we spent about 5 days in Ruidoso, NM and had a great time. Our campsite was in the Lincoln National Forest and was just so gorgeous. Our front yard was the forest. No neighbors! Except for the deer and hummingbirds. We had a great time there.

My parents were in the area and my aunt and uncle so we were able to visit with them some and went out the the Inn of the Mountain Gods casino one day for lunch. It was really good food and what a bargain-$10 for a huge buffet.

One cute afternoon a man, woman and little boy showed up and began setting up their tent next to us. Being the friendly one, G went over to say hi to them. They were from Mexico and spoke very little English. The man (grandpa) spoke some English and the grandma and grandson did not speak it at all. But, we all managed to visit a little. The little boy was 6 yrs old and had beautiful green eyes and long dark lashes. He was very talkative but we couldn't understand a word he said!

G told them that we'd been told there were bears in the campground and if they happened to see one that they could come knock on our door and we'd let them come in. Later that afternoon it got cold and began to rain (again no hot dogs!). I looked out to see the little grandson sitting on his chair by the fire pit (no fire) holding a stick with a marshmallow on the end of it. He was very patient in waiting for grandpa and grandma to make him a fire to roast marshmallows. At least a half hour passed before they had a smoldering, smoky fire going. But it was enough for him to roast his marshmallows. They were all dressed in their heavy coats with hoods pulled up, braving the rain. It began to get dark and rain harder. I heard a commotion and saw them all three running for their van. They started the engine and left! We were so surprised but figured that it had gotten too cold and wet and they decided to go to a hotel. The next day they came back about noon and began packing up their tent. I went over to find out what had happened. Grandpa told me that a bear had walked into their campground and that was why they left! oh my gosh, and this was just maybe 100 yards from our camper! Grandpa said that there was no way the grandson was camping in a tent after seeing the oso.

I worked on the Swirl Scarf while there but have decided that I just don't like the colorway of the JoJo Melody that I bought so I will have to find another color.

Next update will be from Red River, NM.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knitting in the Forest

We are having a wonderful time in the cool mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. So far we've spent a week in Ruidoso, a week in Red River and 5 days in Chama, NM. We are now in Towaoc, CO (pronounced toy'yack) which is near Cortez. It is a little up to 90 today but it was 48 last night.

I finished the Hey Teach! before I left for vacation. I love it. Cool pattern and very fun. I don't have a picture of it here on the laptop so will have to link to the Rav page.

I started the Swirl Scarf while on this trip. Bought the yarn in GT right before I left. I bought the JoJoLand Melody Superwash in ms11. It looks so pretty on the ball but like crap knitted up. I am so dissappointed. I love the pattern and will go back for prettier yarn when I get home.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Too Much to Say

I'm way behind on updating this blog! Now, I have more to say and show than anyone will want to see. Dang! So, I thought if I started with a picture of a sweet little baby deer I might entice you to read. It is birthing time for the deer around here and we have 3 babies sleeping in our flower beds and under the shade trees.

Let's see...I finished Flit N Float and it is lovely! Thanks to Birdy for such an awesome pattern! I used Jaggerspun Zephyr in Cassis on size 4 needles. My Rav project page has more information.

I also finished the Ballet Sytle Sweater from Lion Brand. I used Yarn Bee Icelandic jewels and size 10 1/2 needles. That yarn was not my favorite to work with. But I like the sweater overall. I used a button closure on the outside rather than the bow that the pattern called for.

The MF group is so much fun and I just love them all. Some of us have gotten the bug to make vintage style aprons lately. I've made two which are so much fun. The first one I made using leftover scraps from my kitchen curtains. It turned out great. 

The second one I made using some Christmas fabric that I bought on the remnants table at Joann's. I used an old pattern Simplicity 9807. Turned out pretty cute I think.

If you've made it this far you deserve an award!! One last picture to Hey Teach! using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton and size 7 needles. I have the back completed and about one third of the left front.

The Alpine Lace Shawl was frogged due to losing a stitch somewhere. I will restart it this week!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I Just Can't Get Enough

Of these bags! This is my favorite one so far. Done with el cheapo Red Heart and a crocheted star. I also have a star button to add one of these days.

My next project is the Flit N Float scarf which I have blogged about before. I love it and am nearing the home stretch on it. Although, I have had to frog almost all of the work I did on it last weekend. Seems I was buzzing along on the wrong chart. Damn!

The Ballet Style sweater from Lion Brand is nearing the home stretch too. I have one sleeve half done. But I am not sure what I'm doing because I made the armholes 8" instead of 7" as the pattern says. I just thought a 7" armhole would be too tight. So, now I am winging it on getting the sleeve to fit. This sleeve is made differently than any other that I've done so I'm even less sure than usual how it's going to go together! No picture worth showing at this point.

I think my next project will be Hey Teach! from Knitty. I am planning to use I Love This Cotton in forest. Should be fun.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Day is Done!

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. It is done. Taxes are filed and paid. At least mine are. Ugh. What a chore.

Now, to more uplifting news...I have finished my third Windmill Bag. Can you tell that I love knitting these bags? Such a great pattern and mindless, tv knitting to boot! This one will be a great book bag for the library. Or, as my friend Peggy suggested, it would make a carrier for a pie or dish to any of the many pot lucks that I attend. Oy. I sound like an old lady. I guess maybe I am.

From Knitting 2009

Project specs:
Yarn: Peaches and Creme yellow and gumdrop
Needles: size 6 US
Pattern Mods: Cast on 25 sts instead of 20 and knit 110 rows. Made handles about 2" longer than the panel.
My opinion: The original co of 20 sts and 100 rows is better.

I also made 6 Easter bunnies. Five were made using this pattern. They were cute and exactly what I was looking for because you can put a Cadbury egg inside it.  

But lately, I've been focusing most of my knitting time on the Flit N Float scarf. It's really lovely and I'm almost halfway done.  I had a minor catastrophe yesterday. I had been cleaning house/laundry/etc today. Sat down after lunch to knit a bit on the Flit N Float. Finished Chart C and came into computer room to print out Chart D. Saw Birdy was on Rav so thought I'd ask her a quick question. She answered...took my Chart D back to living room and prepared to begin. Can you feel the impending doom??? My stupid floor lamp decided to take a header into my lap. I reflexively jerked my hands and Flit N Float went flying. I did say a few bad words. It left me with 4 wonky stitches on the end and 1 stitch missing in action. I know that it could've been worse but I was very upset and couldn't find that missing stitch. I emailed Birdy and she offered to try to walk me through the fix. So here is the picture of my mess with Birdy's notes. 
Thank you, Birdy! It is fixed now and I'm buzzing along.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Red Thang

This post is really about Girasole, but around my house we've taken to calling it "the red thang".
From Knitting 2009

It began with hubby asking what I was knitting and I showed him the pattern and picture and he said "But what is it?"  Good question. 

"Well, it could be a blanket but since I'm using fingering weight yarn (blank stare) it'll be a shawl." 

"Oh.  So, where's the hole for your head?"

"Ok, not a poncho....a shawl. Like over my shoulders."

"Oh." (blank stare)

So, a few nights later...."what are you knitting?"

"That red shawl."


"Remember the red thang that could be a blanket but it's too small so it's a shawl?"

"Where's the hole for your head?"

And so it went.  Also, my friends know that I knit but some of them don't knit. gasp! They always seem interested so the same conversation has been repeated many, many times over the past nearly three months. Ergo....the red thang.

All this to say....the red thang is finished! And it is gorgeous. And blocking. And I am so thrilled and yet sad to see it go. It was the most fun thing (thang) I ever knit. Challenging, gorgeous, and yet somehow easy. Cool!

What will I do with it? Not sure. I might use it as a shawl but where is the hole for my head???

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Somebody Stop Me!

This is totally unrelated to began on Sunday morning when I decided to make bisquits for breakfast. As I opened the oven to put them in I noticed that my oven is--was--(note to self...figure out how to do that nifty cross out trick you see on other blogs) very cruddy. So I said to myself "I'm going to clean that oven this afternoon." It was on my list anyway.

As I was breaking my back scrubbing the oven I decided to remove the drawer underneath it and clean it out. It was disgustingly dirty. Then I made the mistake of looking under the stove. Eewwww! Dried out Cheerios and out the vacuum and sucked them up along with some dust bunnies and there was even a piece of wood from when the house was built 10 years ago. How embarrassing! 

So I had to get a wet rag and wash the floor under the stove. Wow! That floor looked so good and the floor around the outside was really gunky. So, I picked up my trusty SOS pad and scrubbed the floor around the outside eges of the stove. Viola! Before I knew it I had scrubbed a swath of floor about 18" wide x 6' long. Thank God I ran out of SOS pads!

G walked in at that point and I showed him my results with pride. "Just where is this going? What is your plan here?" So, I sent him off to purchase a big box of SOS pads this morning. But, I'm going to take some Aleve before he gets back.

I actually thought about posting a picture of my progress but then decided that I really don't want to show how dirty my floor is.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Tale of Two Hats or Three

I finished two hats recently. The purple one is done in some nasty acrylic with sparkly bits in it. I have no idea what brand or anything about it as it came from my dear departed sister in law from whom I inherited a garbage bag full of partial skeins of acrylic worsted weight yarn. Most without labels. But mom likes the hat and that's what counts. Oh yes, the pattern is from Knitty and is called Foliage. Ummmm. there is a red x where the picture should be. Hope I can fix that. But the picture is kind of wierd anyway because it's one of those self portraits taken in the bathroom mirror.

The blue one is smariek's Cap Karma Hat with the modifications made by Brooklyntweed for the top decreases. It is a nice pattern and quick and easy. I mostly worked on it while on the exercise bike. I am trying to improve my cable abilities so I think I will try the Honeycomb hat next.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Progress on Girasole

Ok, I have totally given up trying to find cute/cool titles. This is about the progress on the Girasole. First, let me say it is an awesome easy to follow and so frickin' gorgeous! Jared is a genius!

Now, I know this doesn't look all that impressive. But it is a closeup of the pattern through Chart D row 4. Tonight I am on row 14 and discovered a yo omitted two rows back. Argh. Whether to tink back or try to fudge it....Decided to wait until tomorrow to decide.

From Knitting 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some FO's

I finished the Rivulet scarf in late December. I really like the way it turned out and that both ends are the same. I used the JaggerSpun Zephyr DK leftovers from the Shawl Back Shrug. It is nice and soft.

Then, I finished the Cabled Wristlets from Creative Knitting November 2008. They are so cute and I used acrylic yarn from stash given to me by my sister in law.
From Knitting 2009

The Girasole is going good. I am loving knitting it even though I know it's going to be a PITA when it gets much larger. Oh, and guess what I've discovered??? Remember how I used to be terrified of knitting in the round? more. I actually love it now because I know there will be no seams.

I also made the Foliage hat for mom but haven't yet gotten a good closeup pic of the hat. Here is one of her & me together with her wearing it.

From Knitting 2009

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Knitting Resolutions

I started the Girasole and I love it so far. Of course, I've not made a lot of progress yet. This pic is through row 3 on Chart B. I'm using JaggerSpun Main Line 2/8 and I'm not thrilled with this yarn. It splits easily and it is a little rough to the hand. But, it was a bargain. Woo Hoo! And I think it will make a nice centerpiece for next Christmas.
Now for the resolutions. I'm a little late on this goes.
First to review last years resolutions. They were:

1-Finish MS3 (even if it kills me).
Yay!! I did finish MS3. And I did not die. Big yay!!

2-Design (& knit) a sweater. (who am I kidding?)
I sort of did this one. I designed the Ballerina Shrug and knitted it. Close enough? Sure.

3-Finish mom's afghan (which was supposed to be Christmas '07 gift)
Well, not so much on this one. I hated that blasted afghan so much that it became a lap blanket and I gave it to the county hospice program.

4-Knit at least one item from each of my books.
I'm pretty sure that I knitted something from every book I owned at the time I wrote the list. Later on in the year I got Mason Dixon Knitting and haven't made anything from it yet.

Now, without further ado, my 2009 knitting resolutions:

1-string market bag
2-the pi shawl from EZ's Knitting Workshop
3-do another intarsia project (maybe a Christmas stocking?)
4-secret design project
5-make one baby square per month at least