Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm so excited! 

I have picked out my yarn & pattern for the scarf swap. Now...when is it due? Oh yea...between Oct 15 and Nov 1. The yarn is Fibranatura Yummy. The pattern is a secret.

Also, have chosen my yarn for the Folk Shawls Sampler Shawl KAL which starts Sept 1. I altered the pattern a bit to make it smaller because I keep reading that it comes out like 8' long. I'm going to cast on 247 sts instead of 401. The yarn is from my stash (yay again!). I have a little over 1000 yards of Jaggerspun Maine Line fingering left from the cone I bought years ago & used to make the Girasole. Color is Garnet. Mother will love this shawl. She's been hinting at needing a red shawl. So, I'm planning to get this done for her for Christmas. or her birthday-Jan 27.

Now, I counted & this brings me to 7 UFO's!! Yikes. I'm in a panic over this.

1-So, I am trying really hard to finish the Hitchhiker by Friday. I take Dad back to the cold doctors office that day. I'm going to be monogamous with Hitchhiker until it's finished. I may have to wear a bandaid on my right index finger to keep from poking a hole in it. I think I'm up to about 30 teeth.

2-I would really like to finish the Summer Cardigan before Sept 1 but that's not going to happen. The rows are 260+ sts long now & growing. I'm about 10 rows away from splitting for the underarms. I'm thinking of starting the decreases for the sleeves earlier than the pattern says. Instead of row 12 I think I'll start about row 5. That should take some of the bulk away shouldn't it?

3-The Box Lace Scarf may never get finished. It's rather boring. But, it's beautiful & the yarn is so soft!

4-The Entrelac Scarf is really close to being finished. Maybe 75%. But, it's not an easy knit for me so it doesn't get much time in the rotation.

5-The Tunisian blanket for CASA is a long way from finished. I'm going to run out of yarn & can't find anymore in that color so I have to figure out what to do. Since it's in panels I think I'll find a solid color that coordinates with it & make the remaining panels in that color. That's my plan. I did find it online.

Time for breakfast...aren't y'all glad?