Thursday, October 25, 2007

Capelet is finito!

The New Vintage Capelet is finished.

I am not totally thrilled with it because it is way longer than the one in the pattern. Speaking of the pattern....the web link no longer works. So, it really is finito. I think that is just so sad. I have love this cape from the first time I saw it and I am so glad that I saved it for myself in doc format. But it's sad that it's not out there anymore! Michelle Kissoore....put it out somewhere else, please!

I think I will give this to my mom. I will offer it anyway, and if she doesn't like it well she doesn't have to take it.

I wore my Sun Ray Shawl today and it was great! The weather is so awesome right now. Perfect fall weather!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ready for Sleeves?

I think I'm ready to put the sleeves on seperate needles and knit them up. I am excited about this but realized yesterday that I'll have to cut my yarn (I'm using a cone of yarn) then estimate how much I'll need for one sleeve and ball it up. I'm nervous about starting the sleeves because I'm not 100% sure how wide the back is. I guess I should put it on a piece of scrap yarn so I can get a good measurement. And then there's the blocking to factor in. This will be a learning experience that's for sure. If it's too big for me, I don't know who I'll give it to.

The New Vintage Capelet is coming along quickly. I've done about half of the decreases so it shouldn't be much longer. I think I will take it with me this weekend to work on in the car. I should be able to finish it. I need to get another pic of it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MacGyver Level 3

So, I don't know if you've seen this site or not but it's pretty funny. I believe I've earned at least three badges:

2)The “Proselytize Knitting” Badge - A requirement for all Knitting Scouts, the recipient must do his or her bit to present knitting in a positive light, whilst at the same time avoiding all references to “hipness”, grandmothers, and yoga.

But my proudest one- 3)The “MacGyver” Badge (Level Three) - The recipient must demonstrate clever use of a knitting tool in a non-knitting-related scenario working towards the Greater Good. For instance, recipient used a Clover yarn cutter, a 30” Addi Turbo circular needle, and a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears to foster world peace.

Here's the story: DH was trying to transfer some 30 years old tapes of his dear departed dad singing religious songs. DH's sister has had these tapes for years and she recently found them. She had a stroke last year and isn't herself anymore. But, she does remember the past and loves talking about it. So, DH decided he would take the tapes and put them on cd for his sister and himself. But he was afraid that if he rewound them using the tape player, they would break. Being as they're 30 years old. So, he came to me for help. "I need something to turn the tape with." My response was "use your finger". He didn't like that idea. His fingers are big and it would take forever to rewind the tape that way. We tried a pencil (too small) and various other item. Then, I had an idea! My rubber point protector and a size 2 needle did the trick! So, you see? The Greater Good being dear sister's happiness. Right? Anyway, we are going today to deliver said cds. yee haw!
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