Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Josephine Top

Started June 1, 2010
Finished July 26, 2010

Project info
Josephine Top
Josephine Top by Deborah Newton
36 1/2"
    Needle and yarn
    US 3 - 3.25 mm
    7 skeins = 861.0 yards (787.3m)
    Knit Picks
    May 2010

    6/1/2010-Swatched with size 5 Harmony needles. 21 sts=4” in rib & lace pattern.

    6/2/2010-Swatched with size 3 Inox needles. Long tail cast on. 24 sts=4” in rib & lace. Will try different cast on next. REally don’t want to go down to 2’s.

    6/5/2010-I am attempting to modify the pattern to fit within my gauge using size 3 needles. I am keeping notes so we’ll see how it goes. Cast on 115 sts which should give me a little over 19” across the bottom.

    6/15/2010-Swatched the texture pattern on size 3 needles. close enough for govt work. I hand washed and then threw it in the dryer with a load of underwear. It came out beautiful and did not stretch or shrink. Now, the problem is that I get gauge on the texture pattern but not on the rib & lace. So, can I modify the rib & lace portion to fit and get the texture to work also?? Right now, I’m thinking that I will need to start with about 115 sts and decrease down to 110 rather than what the pattern has you do….start with 128 and dec to 110. so, this won’t be as much of an A-line.

    7/26/2010-Finished & I love it. I made notes on all my changes.

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Apricots & Femme Fatale

    I went over to some friends house last Friday and picked apricots from their tree. The tree was the biggest apricot tree I've ever seen & had dropped lots of apricots already. The yard was a gooey, sticky mess and their driveway was too. Bad idea to plant an apricot tree near a driveway! By the time I got home I had apricot goo all over my shoes & even on my shorts. But it was worth it! Yummy!! This picture is a very small sampling of all the apricots I got. I had 5 times this many!

    And here's a pic of the Apricot Coconut Squares (except that I did not put coconut).

    I finished the Femme Fatale Wrap yesterday at knitting group. I gave it to L because she admired it early on. I hope she uses it! Here are the specifics:

    Pattern: Femme Fatale Wrap Creative Knitting Nov. 2007
    yarn: Malabrigo Worsted - Black 4 hanks
    Needles: Knitpicks Harmony size 7 US
    Started: April 13, 2010
    Finished: June 14, 2010

    I did make some mods to the pattern & found a couple of errors. These are detailed on my Ravelry project page which I am sharing.

    Also finished the socks within the last few weeks. They are ok. A little bit rough on the inside to my sensitive feet. I tried felting them a little bit with no luck. Wouldn't you know it? When you want something to felt it won't.

    Monday, May 24, 2010

    Happy Victoria Day!

    According to my calendar it's Victoria Day in Canada. So, Happy Victoria Day y'all.

    I finished Mom's Shawl & gave it to her for Mother's Day along with the Mother's Day Cloth. She loved them both. Here's the link to my project page on Rav which I am sharing with you. I'm sweet like that.

    The Mother's Day cloth is from KrisKnits.

    The Femme Fatale Wrap is about 80%. I have decided to give it to Letty when I finish it. I offered it to her at WHIBSIB because she was commenting how much she loves it. I told her that she could either have this one or buy herself some yarn & I would make her one. She chose the one that I'm making. I am going to make the back section about 1 extra repeat because she is a little larger than I am. I am making the small/medium size. The only worry that I have is how much will the Malabrigo stretch when I block it? I haven't taken a picture of it because black is so hard to photograph.

    I started back on my 2nd sock last night and am up to the heel flap. My first problem is that i don't remember which pattern I used for the first sock. I THOUGHT it was the one on the wrapper for the yarn. I was almost positive so that's the one I've been using on the 2nd sock. Well, when I got to the heel flap I realized that it isn't because the pattern says to sl1, k1 on rs rows for the heel flap. And that's not what I did on the first one. Oh well. That's what I'm doing on the 2nd one. it's just a sock, right?

    Anyway, here's the question: Do I slip as if to purl or as if to knit? Do I hold the yarn in front or in back? In other knitting when a pattern tells me to slip and I don't do anything else with that stitch on that row I always slip as if to purl w/yarn in front. That's how I learned from something I read somewhere over the past few years. But it's a pita to do that and then knit the next stitch across the whole row. Ya know? And it wraps the yarn in front of the slipped stitch.

    What is the correct way to do this type of heel and does it have a name?

    I started the Knitayear project on May 1st. Link to project page on Ravelry. I'm enjoying it although I don't know that I will continue with it. My plan is to bind off each month and start a new one. That will prevent it from getting so long. In the end I can seam them together and it will be a rug or wall hanging.
    Here's a picture after the first week.

    I really want to start the EZ 100th Anniversary Pi Shawl. I joined a Ravelry group called 10 Shawls in 2010 and they are enablers deluxe. The aforementioned shawl is designed to commemorate Elizabeth Zimmerman's 100th birthday. She was born August 9, 1910 (8/9/10). So, the shawl is designed using repeats of 8, 9 & 10. I think that's really cool. And my grandmother was also born on August 9, 1910. So it's especially meaningful to me. I bought KnitPicks Palette yarn in Aster. Purple was grandma's favorite color. She had a bedroom upstairs that was decorated in purple & white. It was all ruffly and girly and I loved that room. A few times I got to sleep in it and I always felt so proud when I did.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Truth Time

    I don't usually have more than 3 projects otn at any one time. I've always been anal about that. But, last night I was searching for missing needles and discovered a terrible truth. I have 6 projects otn right now and am dying to start a 7th. Hence, the search for the missing size 6 needles.

    So, it's time to fess up, face the music, tell the truth.

    1-Paneled Lace Afghan which I started last summer and it probably won't be finished in 2010. I do work on it every Monday at the library for a couple of hours but it's slow going and I'm ok with that because it's my easy carry around project.

    2-Alpine Lace Shawl - I started this last fall and while I love it, it takes a lot of focus and concentration because every row is patterned and I'm using beads, too. I do intend to complete it this year.

    3- Serenity Socks - I started these in December 2009 and have one finished and the other is about 25%. I don't knit on them very often but I keep them in the car for knitting emergencies. I call them Serenity socks because that's the name of the yarn I'm using. I'm not real creative.

    4- Grace's Blanket - started very recently using the Rambling Rows pattern and scraps of Cotton Tots yarn. I've almost run out of scraps so it's on hold until I can buy more which sort of defeats the purpose of the blanket.

    5- Fischgratlein - This is an openwork shawl from a pattern called Fish Scales Shawl. I started it in a fit of "gotta find a new project". It will probably not get finished.

    6- Femme Fatale Wrap - Started this yesterday and it's really fun so far. Pattern comes from Creative Knitting November 2007.

    Oops....I just remembered there are two more. Ugh. One was my design for the LSSK design contest last summer that I never finished. Maybe I will. The other is a variation of the Fish Scales Shawl that I was working on. Need to frog it.

    And I really, really want to start the Haruni Shawl by Emily Ross. I saw a picture of it on Ravelry and several people have used the Jojo Melody yarn and it looks spectacular. And I have 3 balls of that yarn that I bought to make the Spiral Scarf with and decided that I didn't like it.

    Sunday, April 04, 2010

    Calais Shawl

    I finished this so fast that it didn't even have a chance to get on my WIP list. I loved every minute of the knitting. The yarn was so awesome and the pattern was fun and easy with just enough challenge to keep me interested in it! I hated for it to be over!


    Pattern-Calais Shawl
    Yarn-Tweed Sport from Weaving Southwest Taos, NM
    Needles-US 7 Knitpicks Harmony
    Started-March 25, 2010
    Finished-April 2, 2010

    Not sure what my next project will be. There are a couple of sweaters/wraps that I like. In the meantime I'm doing mitered square dishcloths and starting a preemie size Rambling Rows Afghan.

    Saturday, March 06, 2010

    Lion Neck Cardigan

    I finally got a picture of the Lion Neck Cardigan that I started for DD back in December. I finished it on Feb 5 and mailed it to her. It was really an easy and quick knit, but I had too much dancing to do so I didn't get it finished very quickly.

    It fits pretty well, except that the sleeves are too long and they are a little baggy at the underarms. The pattern is from Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. I made the largest size which had me worried because it was labeled as 3X which DD does NOT wear, she more of a L or maybe XL. But the chest measurement for the 3X was exactly what hers is so I went with that size. I never really did understand the sizing on this sweater...The large size listed a 36 3/4" chest measurement which I think should be a small or maybe a medium. Anyway, I am reasonably happy with the outcome except for the sleeve length and width. When I got to the underarms I only cast on an extra 4 sts which made my sleeves more the large size and still they are too big. I wanted to take the sweater back and fix the sleeves but DD assured me that she likes it the way it is. So, I'm happy!

    Lion-Neck Cardigan by Wendy Bernard in Custom Knits
    Needle size 11 Harmony circular
    Yarn-Lion Brand Jiffy Camel Spray colorway