Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Becoming a Better Knitter?

Hmmmmm. Well, after 2 1/2 years I do think I'm entering a new phase in my knitting. I've noticed lately that I seem to be faster and stuff looks better....stitches are neater....could be that Zephyr DK yarn....

But, more importantly, I think I'm developing a sense of what I actually enjoy knitting. And it's surprising me. A year ago I was all about triangular shawls. Loved 'em. Couldn't get enough of 'em. And they are nice. But. What drives me to drink about 'em (aside from my use of 'em way too much) is that they get bigger and bigger and it's so hard to determine how much yarn you'll need to do one more repeat or even the bind off. And it's just depressing for the rows to get bigger. So, now I still love shawls. Just not the triangular as much. Hmmmmm.

Ok. Lost my train of thought. Hold on...Oh yeah. And I used to hate doing hats but thought they were required for new knitters. Now, I like them because they're quick ways to try new stitches. For instance, I'm doing Smariek's 3 hr cable hat just so I can try cables again. But, I still hate dishcloths and think they are lame.

So, I am really enjoying the New Vintage Capelet (google it). It's fast, looks awesome and it frickin' decreases rather than increases. Yay! But really, I'm amazed at how fast this is going particularly since I am doing other projects too. Of course, it's on US 10's and ww yarn so should go fast, but trust me, a year ago I would've been struggling with it. And the other thing that I love about it is that it's the only pattern in my files that has stood the test of time. What I mean is that I saw this pattern like 2 years ago and loved it. But I knew I couldn't do it. So I saved it. And by golly, I still love the way it looks and love knitting it. And now it's easy peasy! How cool is that? Way cool!

I am really feeling verbose tonight. So, I'll continue. My other fav project: Shawl-Back Shrug from is totally awesome. But only because I have someone who is there to help me with it. She's there in the wings and I never would've started it without that knowledge. Thanks Vicki!! But so far, it's not too hard and it looks great! Again....the yarn - Zephyr DK. Love it! Now, I know this pattern is going to eat me alive when I get to the sleeves. But, for now, I LOVE it!

I was going to write some about the lace articles in Interweave Knits Summer 2006 and Fall 2006. But, I'm getting sleepy. So, I'll save those for another day. But, seriously, they are great articles. And I just felt so validated reading them. Because a lot of the information in them was stuff "I know" but seeing it in print by someone who knows their shit means a whole lot. And they gave me confidence in my abilities. Cool!

I'll leave you with a website that I found today and it is great! You enter the city or zip code where you want to find a yarn shop and it'll tell you the ones nearby. As far as I can tell, it's all user contributed data and I think it's awesome!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Progress Report

I have been knitting on the New Vintage Capelet and I really love it. It's going fast. I am finished with the lace portion at the bottom and am a few rows into the straight ss portion. I also love the big honking ball 'o yarn from Canada. It's soft and so far there have been no knots! I have no idea why that is underlined and I cannot figure out how to remove it!

I've also done my swatch for the Shawl Back Shrug from and have cast on for it. I'm using Zephyr DK in Real Red and I love this yarn! It is so soft and the stitches just look gorgeous which is saying a lot for this yarn to make my stitches look good!

I am really thinking that blogging is a huge waste of time and may quit soon. I could be knitting ya know! Or napping or cleaning house....nah!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wanna See My Swatch?

I am so clever, I know. Actually there are 3 swatch piccies.
The one on the right is done with the Shetland Heather 2/20 cone yarn I got from Berta. I knitted a 4 inch square in the Fir Cone pattern on size 4 bamboo circs. I wet blocked it and it was still a little puffy in the denser areas. So, I threw it in the wash with some jeans. Viola! It felted. So, now I know that it is mostly wool, but I think a little acrylic too.

So, the brown swatch is the New Vintage Capelet . The swatch was done with the big honking ball 'o yarn from Canada on size 10 needles. First I wet blocked it and it looked good. So, in the washer it went with a load of undies. Laid it on top of the dryer to dry. And it looks great, much better than pre-blocked. but I forgot to take a pic of it before blocking. But trust me, it really opened up nicely. I think it's going to look terrific! I cast on last night for the S/M size but only got one row done before deciding to have a second glass of wine.

But yesterday, I ordered Zephyr DK yarn in Real Red colorway from for the Shawl-Back Shrug from elann. Some of the LSSK gals are going to do a KAL on it. I am excited about that!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Beautiful Sun Ray

The sunray shawl is finished! I really love it and I think the Cotton Fleece will be really nice. It was amazing how much it changed with a light blocking. All I did was stretch it out on my foam boards then spray it lightly with water and pin it down. I had to re-pin and re-spray a couple of times. But I was really amazed at how different it was when it dried. Very drapey and soft and just so much nicer.

Here I am wearing the Sun Ray Shawl with my zig zag lace top and my cute little floral skirt. Love this outfit!

And this other pic is the Sun Ray trying to be artistic by draping itself on my back deck railing. Silly dramatic, really.

But quite lovely.....
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Monday, September 03, 2007

Big Honking Ball 'o Yarn

As promised (or maybe not) here's a pic of the big ass ball of yarn that I bought in Canada. It's 400 grams (that's almost a lb to you Yanks har har).

Although it is 80% acrylic and only 20% wool, it really seems quite lovely. And I figured I travelled all that way....I had to buy some yarn. And the shop owner was so sweet and she was making a cabled sweater with this yarn and it looked really good, and I've really been wanting some brown yarn......Ok, enough excuses! I like it. So there!

Here's what I want to make with it- New Vintage Capelet and I hope it'll work ok and look good being that it's 80% acrylic. Whadda ya think?

But I also really like this shrug from although it is done with dk weight. But I could probably work it out. Ohhhh too many choices.

MS3-Started clue 4. Still undecided on the wing. Although the pics I've seen of the finished stole with wing are awesome!

Sun Ray Shawl-99% complete baby! All I have left is the picot bind off. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Wednesday, 9/5 is our 27th wedding anniversary so I don't expect to be knitting on that day. We are undecided what to do. Usually our most fun times are totally simple so we are thinking of taking the boat out and going up to the falls, swim a little....take a picnic and some wine....Or maybe instead go to the movies and a nice dinner in town.....Hmmmmm....