Thursday, September 06, 2007

Beautiful Sun Ray

The sunray shawl is finished! I really love it and I think the Cotton Fleece will be really nice. It was amazing how much it changed with a light blocking. All I did was stretch it out on my foam boards then spray it lightly with water and pin it down. I had to re-pin and re-spray a couple of times. But I was really amazed at how different it was when it dried. Very drapey and soft and just so much nicer.

Here I am wearing the Sun Ray Shawl with my zig zag lace top and my cute little floral skirt. Love this outfit!

And this other pic is the Sun Ray trying to be artistic by draping itself on my back deck railing. Silly dramatic, really.

But quite lovely.....
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Enid said...

That is gorgeous you are so fast now...who can catch you now!! Great list of shawls completed!!

Birdwell said...

Oh Bev it's lovely!! Good job.

Enid's right you've got quite a repertoire of shawls now.

FINISH your MS3 already--LOL like I can talk. Someday--my goal is to have it done by the Austin Knit Out.

Oh I LOVE the lace detail on the capelet.

Bev said...

Thanks you guys! Yep, the MS3 is languishing. I'm just not feeling the love anymore.