Monday, September 03, 2007

Big Honking Ball 'o Yarn

As promised (or maybe not) here's a pic of the big ass ball of yarn that I bought in Canada. It's 400 grams (that's almost a lb to you Yanks har har).

Although it is 80% acrylic and only 20% wool, it really seems quite lovely. And I figured I travelled all that way....I had to buy some yarn. And the shop owner was so sweet and she was making a cabled sweater with this yarn and it looked really good, and I've really been wanting some brown yarn......Ok, enough excuses! I like it. So there!

Here's what I want to make with it- New Vintage Capelet and I hope it'll work ok and look good being that it's 80% acrylic. Whadda ya think?

But I also really like this shrug from although it is done with dk weight. But I could probably work it out. Ohhhh too many choices.

MS3-Started clue 4. Still undecided on the wing. Although the pics I've seen of the finished stole with wing are awesome!

Sun Ray Shawl-99% complete baby! All I have left is the picot bind off. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Wednesday, 9/5 is our 27th wedding anniversary so I don't expect to be knitting on that day. We are undecided what to do. Usually our most fun times are totally simple so we are thinking of taking the boat out and going up to the falls, swim a little....take a picnic and some wine....Or maybe instead go to the movies and a nice dinner in town.....Hmmmmm....

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