Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Day is Done!

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. It is done. Taxes are filed and paid. At least mine are. Ugh. What a chore.

Now, to more uplifting news...I have finished my third Windmill Bag. Can you tell that I love knitting these bags? Such a great pattern and mindless, tv knitting to boot! This one will be a great book bag for the library. Or, as my friend Peggy suggested, it would make a carrier for a pie or dish to any of the many pot lucks that I attend. Oy. I sound like an old lady. I guess maybe I am.

From Knitting 2009

Project specs:
Yarn: Peaches and Creme yellow and gumdrop
Needles: size 6 US
Pattern Mods: Cast on 25 sts instead of 20 and knit 110 rows. Made handles about 2" longer than the panel.
My opinion: The original co of 20 sts and 100 rows is better.

I also made 6 Easter bunnies. Five were made using this pattern. They were cute and exactly what I was looking for because you can put a Cadbury egg inside it.  

But lately, I've been focusing most of my knitting time on the Flit N Float scarf. It's really lovely and I'm almost halfway done.  I had a minor catastrophe yesterday. I had been cleaning house/laundry/etc today. Sat down after lunch to knit a bit on the Flit N Float. Finished Chart C and came into computer room to print out Chart D. Saw Birdy was on Rav so thought I'd ask her a quick question. She answered...took my Chart D back to living room and prepared to begin. Can you feel the impending doom??? My stupid floor lamp decided to take a header into my lap. I reflexively jerked my hands and Flit N Float went flying. I did say a few bad words. It left me with 4 wonky stitches on the end and 1 stitch missing in action. I know that it could've been worse but I was very upset and couldn't find that missing stitch. I emailed Birdy and she offered to try to walk me through the fix. So here is the picture of my mess with Birdy's notes. 
Thank you, Birdy! It is fixed now and I'm buzzing along.