Friday, September 11, 2009

Tales of Travels

I have been gone for 7 weeks and decided that I would write a little about our trip. Hopefully, it will be interesting to read. If not, well....just don't read it!

We have an RV and have traveled in it for years but this was to be our first trip of a more rustic nature. We bought a generator and G had researched campgrounds in National Forests and parks where we could have a little more space and enjoy nature. Call it boondocking, dry camping, roughing it...whatever. We were excited to try something new and get away from the crowded rv parks.

July 21, 2009-Left home headed for Ruidoso, NM.

Well, I've heard before that if you want to make God laugh....make plans. He must've had a really good belly laugh today. We were up early and had planned to leave home no later than 8 am so we could get to Brownfield, TX before the hottest (105 degree) part of the day. As I went into the spare bedroom to gather some things from the bed, I noticed that the bed was wet and water was dripping from the light fixture above the bed. I went out to tell G the bad news....the a/c drain is stopped up and leaking into the guest bedroom.....we spent about an hour and a half unstopping the drain. Had to climb up in the attic and then take the drain apart under the bathroom sink. Oh it was gross and messy and not the way to start a trip. I was ready to give up and try again tomorrow. But we did leave, albeit a few hours later than planned, and made our destination.

Then we spent about 5 days in Ruidoso, NM and had a great time. Our campsite was in the Lincoln National Forest and was just so gorgeous. Our front yard was the forest. No neighbors! Except for the deer and hummingbirds. We had a great time there.

My parents were in the area and my aunt and uncle so we were able to visit with them some and went out the the Inn of the Mountain Gods casino one day for lunch. It was really good food and what a bargain-$10 for a huge buffet.

One cute afternoon a man, woman and little boy showed up and began setting up their tent next to us. Being the friendly one, G went over to say hi to them. They were from Mexico and spoke very little English. The man (grandpa) spoke some English and the grandma and grandson did not speak it at all. But, we all managed to visit a little. The little boy was 6 yrs old and had beautiful green eyes and long dark lashes. He was very talkative but we couldn't understand a word he said!

G told them that we'd been told there were bears in the campground and if they happened to see one that they could come knock on our door and we'd let them come in. Later that afternoon it got cold and began to rain (again no hot dogs!). I looked out to see the little grandson sitting on his chair by the fire pit (no fire) holding a stick with a marshmallow on the end of it. He was very patient in waiting for grandpa and grandma to make him a fire to roast marshmallows. At least a half hour passed before they had a smoldering, smoky fire going. But it was enough for him to roast his marshmallows. They were all dressed in their heavy coats with hoods pulled up, braving the rain. It began to get dark and rain harder. I heard a commotion and saw them all three running for their van. They started the engine and left! We were so surprised but figured that it had gotten too cold and wet and they decided to go to a hotel. The next day they came back about noon and began packing up their tent. I went over to find out what had happened. Grandpa told me that a bear had walked into their campground and that was why they left! oh my gosh, and this was just maybe 100 yards from our camper! Grandpa said that there was no way the grandson was camping in a tent after seeing the oso.

I worked on the Swirl Scarf while there but have decided that I just don't like the colorway of the JoJo Melody that I bought so I will have to find another color.

Next update will be from Red River, NM.