Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Josephine Top

Started June 1, 2010
Finished July 26, 2010

Project info
Josephine Top
Josephine Top by Deborah Newton
36 1/2"
    Needle and yarn
    US 3 - 3.25 mm
    7 skeins = 861.0 yards (787.3m)
    Knit Picks
    May 2010

    6/1/2010-Swatched with size 5 Harmony needles. 21 sts=4” in rib & lace pattern.

    6/2/2010-Swatched with size 3 Inox needles. Long tail cast on. 24 sts=4” in rib & lace. Will try different cast on next. REally don’t want to go down to 2’s.

    6/5/2010-I am attempting to modify the pattern to fit within my gauge using size 3 needles. I am keeping notes so we’ll see how it goes. Cast on 115 sts which should give me a little over 19” across the bottom.

    6/15/2010-Swatched the texture pattern on size 3 needles. close enough for govt work. I hand washed and then threw it in the dryer with a load of underwear. It came out beautiful and did not stretch or shrink. Now, the problem is that I get gauge on the texture pattern but not on the rib & lace. So, can I modify the rib & lace portion to fit and get the texture to work also?? Right now, I’m thinking that I will need to start with about 115 sts and decrease down to 110 rather than what the pattern has you do….start with 128 and dec to 110. so, this won’t be as much of an A-line.

    7/26/2010-Finished & I love it. I made notes on all my changes.


    JoAnn said...

    Great pattern and it looks really good on you! It looks like a fun knit.

    Knitrageous said...

    Looks great! You do such pretty work. And the model...outstanding! ;)