Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cash Crashed

Well, I was surfing this morning and thought I'd go look at Save Cash! Use Your Stash! Got this

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So then I thought well, I must've screwed up the link. I'll google it. Got this-

Save Cash! Use Your Stash!
I'm sorry to announce that I will need to dissolve the Save Cash Use Your Stash-Along. Due to returning to school full-time and working, I will need to cut - 63k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this


I am seriously pissed off about this. Ok maybe not SERIOUSLY, but still. If you start a site and invite people to join don't you have a moral obligation to keep it up and running? I know that people volunteered to help her with it because she was hinting at shutting it down a week or so ago. Anyway, I guess I'll get over it. But what reason do I have now to use my stash instead of buying new yarn? Not that it was working real well anyway. I just bought this lovely soft laceweight yarn off ebay last week from yarntreehouse. Ya know another thing that pisses me off? I can't figure out how to put pictures where I want them in these posts. I can drag them around but when I do they won't open anymore in a larger window. What's up with that?

Round dance today from 1-8 pm. Maybe I'll take some pics and post them tomorrow. Like anyone cares! Ok, yes, I have an attitiude today.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Update on Zigzag Lace

I have finished the back of the zigzag lace top! I'm so thrilled and I think it's going to look good. I would like to keep on knitting it but MS3 started today and so I'm working on that. On row 35 of 100. Pretty good start, but it starts out small and grows. here is the zigzag back blocking. I've already bought 2 cami's to wear under it. Can't decide which one I like the best. One is a paler color than the top and is lacy. The other is darker and is smooth cotton.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

Ok, so I know the entire state has had lots of rain this spring. But, we had 4 inches Tuesday between midnight and 8 am Wednesday morning. And another two inches today. This is just getting insane! Many of our friends had 10-12 inches and in Marble Falls they had about 20 inches. This picture is of a road locally known as Slab Road. Normally there might be a trickle of water running over it as the Llano River runs through there. But most of the time it is bone dry. Not today! If you look hard you can see the road emerging on the other side.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lamps, Lamps & More Lamps

So, I've been on a little bit of a lamp search lately. In search of the perfect lamp for reading and knitting. First someone told me of a lamp that they got at IKEA that was great. So, off I went to IKEA (wierd store!) and found a lamp that I thought was great for only $14.99. The catch was that the bulbs were going to cost more than the lamp. So, I went to Home Depot to get the bulbs and did indeed save a ton of money. But, I found another lamp there that I liked even better because the little attached flexible arm lamp took a 60 W bulb and the IKEA only took a 40W. So, I bought bulbs for the IKEA lamp and the new Hampton Bay lamp at Home Depot. This is the Home Depot lamp. Turns out that I didn't like it very much. It still wasn't bright enough.

So, then we went into this huge Walmart in Corsicana and I couldn't believe it but they had an Ott-Lite! I paid the $79.99 and took it home. I was sooo excited! Hmmmm. Turns out it is only a 13W which translates into about a 65W incandesant bulb. I've been doing a whole lot of reading on the CFL bulbs here

This is the Walmart Ott-Lite. I will be returning it.

This is the IKEA lamp which I am taking to my daughter's this weekend and going to give it to her for her birthday. Kinda cheap, huh? But she needs a lamp in her spare bedroom for her guests to read by and it should be great for that. And I'm the guest who needs a lamp to read by.

I may have totally gone out of my mind. In the space of a few weeks I have bought 4 floor lamps! And of course, I still have my old floor lamp to dispose of....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have joined the MS3 KAL and can't wait for it to start! I have swatched and will be using Silk City Silk Denim (fingering wt) in a dark green called Jasper. Thsi yarn is like 80/20 cotton/silk. I'm using size 6 needles. Should be fun!
I don't really understand the whole thing with clues but I guess I'll figure it out!

I have decided to leave my msn spaces blog and just do one blog here. It was getting to take too much time to try to have two seperate ones and I really don't have that much interesting to say anyway.

Plus, BIG PLUS, the msn spaces live or whatever it's called it just too limiting. You can't add buttons or html/java code to it. So, screw 'em. I'm outta there. But I did like their photo album feature. Ahhh well.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OK, I'm having a serious crisis here....I am so loving knitting this zigzag top. But....I'm worried that it's going to be too small. I did my swatches and measured and calculated and recalculated and rewrote the pattern. My goal is to make it the same size as this Liz Claiborne top that I love and that fits perfectly. And it seems to be the same size when I lay it out on the floor and smash it flat. But will it lay like that when I'm wearing it or will be all tight and make me look fat? And what if I gain more weight? I seem to be on a weight gain cycle right now....what if I can't lose what I've gained and/or gain more? You see the crisis?

And will there be a problem when I come to the sleeves? I've never done sleeves. Should I have considered this before I rewrote the pattern?

I am almost crippled by doubt and fear....I am afraid to continue knitting on this top. Here's some pics. One with the skirt that it's to go with and one with the top that I'm using as my gauge.

And there is the fact that I spent $53 on yarn for this top. That's a lot of money for a little cotton top. What if I totally screw it up and hate it? The only other top I've made...Simple and Sleeveless...I didn't spend much and I hate it because it's too short and the bottom rolls up. So, I tried to fix that problem with this top.

I had a really scary idea make a spreadsheet listing all the projects I've completed and how much they cost. But I'm afraid the results would shock me...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Yesterday, hubby and I took our bicycles and kayak and drove 45 miles to the Colorado River and a little campground. We beached the kayak, then drove to the point where we figured we'd be ready to take out and left the pickup. Then rode the bikes back UP the hill to the starting point. And it was almost noon and humid and hot as hell. We put in and started merrily down the stream. Things quickly went south and we managed to hit a rock and turn over. I fell out of the kayak and our paddles headed on down the river. Meanwhile hubby was yelling "Help me flip this ****ing thing over!" Oh joy! After several minutes of pandemonium we were back in the kayak. "Do you see the paddles?" "Yeah, I think we can catch up to them." And so we were dogpaddling the kayak. We finally caught up with them and beached the kayak and loaded it on the pickup. Then drove back to the bikes and got them. Then to the showers for a change to dry clothes. Thankfully SOMEONE thought to bring extra clothes and towels.

So, Friday was truly "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (cause if I was a name dropper I could tell you who the rich & famous father of the friend is....But I won't. Cause I'm not a name dropper.) Today was "The Beverly Hillbillies"!

There will be no pictures from today. Oh yeah, and hubby lost his keys in the kayak flip. Good thing SOMEONE brought a spare set and kept them in her little fanny pack in a zipper bag with the cell phone!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Last Friday we went to some friends house on the lake for an impromptu square dance. What fun! We danced for an hour or so then ate lunch....everyone brought a dish....then danced for another hour or more. The house was absolutely amazing! I wish I had taken my camera. I've never been in a house so expensive. They have 5 bedrooms (ok that's not all that impressive) but listen to this...they have 9 bathrooms. I only managed to pee in 7 of them and never found the other two. But they said they have 9 bathrooms. They also have a gorgeous swimming pool and jacuzzi surrounded by limestone pavers all the way down to the lake edge. They have 4 boats and 2 jet ski's and every toy imaginable. It was a gorgeous home and even more important...they are terrific people.