Tuesday, June 12, 2007

OK, I'm having a serious crisis here....I am so loving knitting this zigzag top. But....I'm worried that it's going to be too small. I did my swatches and measured and calculated and recalculated and rewrote the pattern. My goal is to make it the same size as this Liz Claiborne top that I love and that fits perfectly. And it seems to be the same size when I lay it out on the floor and smash it flat. But will it lay like that when I'm wearing it or will be all tight and make me look fat? And what if I gain more weight? I seem to be on a weight gain cycle right now....what if I can't lose what I've gained and/or gain more? You see the crisis?

And will there be a problem when I come to the sleeves? I've never done sleeves. Should I have considered this before I rewrote the pattern?

I am almost crippled by doubt and fear....I am afraid to continue knitting on this top. Here's some pics. One with the skirt that it's to go with and one with the top that I'm using as my gauge.

And there is the fact that I spent $53 on yarn for this top. That's a lot of money for a little cotton top. What if I totally screw it up and hate it? The only other top I've made...Simple and Sleeveless...I didn't spend much and I hate it because it's too short and the bottom rolls up. So, I tried to fix that problem with this top.

I had a really scary idea today...to make a spreadsheet listing all the projects I've completed and how much they cost. But I'm afraid the results would shock me...

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