Monday, June 11, 2007

Yesterday, hubby and I took our bicycles and kayak and drove 45 miles to the Colorado River and a little campground. We beached the kayak, then drove to the point where we figured we'd be ready to take out and left the pickup. Then rode the bikes back UP the hill to the starting point. And it was almost noon and humid and hot as hell. We put in and started merrily down the stream. Things quickly went south and we managed to hit a rock and turn over. I fell out of the kayak and our paddles headed on down the river. Meanwhile hubby was yelling "Help me flip this ****ing thing over!" Oh joy! After several minutes of pandemonium we were back in the kayak. "Do you see the paddles?" "Yeah, I think we can catch up to them." And so we were dogpaddling the kayak. We finally caught up with them and beached the kayak and loaded it on the pickup. Then drove back to the bikes and got them. Then to the showers for a change to dry clothes. Thankfully SOMEONE thought to bring extra clothes and towels.

So, Friday was truly "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (cause if I was a name dropper I could tell you who the rich & famous father of the friend is....But I won't. Cause I'm not a name dropper.) Today was "The Beverly Hillbillies"!

There will be no pictures from today. Oh yeah, and hubby lost his keys in the kayak flip. Good thing SOMEONE brought a spare set and kept them in her little fanny pack in a zipper bag with the cell phone!

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