Friday, April 04, 2014

Catching up with FO's & WIP's.....

Last time I posted was in November & I had the Lace Cardi in progress. I finished it just a few weeks ago. I like it but the bust area is a little large. This is a problem that others who've made it also had. Oh well. It's roomy & I love the color.

While we were spending a couple months down south I made a shrug & a couple of cowls. It was really really really cold this year!! I love this shrug!! I used an acrylic yarn from Hobby Lobby...Yarn Bee Fetching in Pewter colorway. It has a little sparkle in it. After I finished the shrug I pressed it lightly with a steam iron over a cloth & it really loosened up the stitches.

I didn't get pictures of the cowls but they were made with acrylic yarn & are sparkly. I made them using the Tunisian Simple Stitch & then seamed the ends together.

The Winter Flame scarf is nearing completion. I have 2 repeats to go. Yay!

Last Monday at HOT, one of the ladies gave me 4 skeins of some really pretty yarn that she'd picked up at Tuesday Morning & then decided that she couldn't handle the small yarn. I loved her description of the color. She said it reminded her of a cup of cappuccino with foam. It's an acrylic wool blend with sequins. I couldn't resist coming straight home & searching Ravelry for the perfect pattern. And I found it. And I cast on. And it's really really fun! Wingspan. And I even bought the pattern! If you know me at all you know that I am frugal...yeah, that's a nice way to say it.

Now, this next one doesn't count as a WIP because:
  1. I haven't added it to Ravelry
  2. It is really just a swatch. Mostly. Really.
  3. It's marinating.

This is Oasis Wrap and I am still deciding if I've screwed up. I got 2 hanks of this lovely yarn from Darlene for Christmas. I knew it was perfect for this wrap. But I needed 3 more. I went to Nan's in Horseshoe Bay & she had the same yarn & colorway. Different dyelot. Yeah. I bought it anyway. She suggested that I use my 2 hanks for the back & the 3 new ones for the front. So...the bottom swatch is with the old yarn. It has some green in it & see those dark specks? The top swatch is the right front using the new yarn. Much lighter colors & no green. What should I do? Thoughts? I'm letting it marinate for awhile while I finish the Winter Flame & the Wingspan.

Ok, that's it for now. Oh yeah. We saw The Lego Movie & it was really great!