Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I finally finished the Clapotis yesterday at my knitting group. I was so thrilled & excited to finish it!! Of course, we were all talking & I happened to realize that I had one stitch less than I should have. Or maybe it was one more. Yah, right. Anyway, I finished it. When I got it out of my bag to finish dropping the stitches I saw that I'd missed one drop. What a bummer!! I thought about it for awhile & decided that I was so done with that project. I just couldn't face backing it out to the missed drop.

There was some discussion on the FB group about whether to block or not. I wet blocked it & I'm much happier with it blocked than unblocked. My yarn was sock yarn & a little scratchy before a good soak in Eucalan. It's nice & drapey now.

So, here it is. Done & done. We are doing a scarf swap in the local knitting group in October & I had planned to put this scarf in the swap. But I won't now. Shit!

I was listening to The Knitmore Girls podcast today while riding the bike. If you've never listened to them, give them a listen. They're very entertaining. And even though they talk about things local to them a lot, I still enjoy their banter & review of products. I really enjoyed the portion where they talked about how they get so much knitting done. Guess how they do it? By having multiple projects started & ready to go. That way when you have time to knit you're set to go. It really justifies having multiple projects. I LOVE IT!! 

I am nearing the end of several projects right now & starting to think about what I want to do next. The Clap is done. The Wool Eater is getting very close. I have 2 rounds of white & then I want to figure out some sort of edging with the purple. I started the rib edging on the Drops Bolero today. Since I'm making the largest size it will be slow going with 400+- stitches per round. And I poked a hole in my finger today so I had to stop working on it.

The Rambling Rows has been languising because (a) it's boring & (b) it's too hot to knit on a wool blanket. And I've been crocheting lap blankets in off time. 

I'm thinking of starting the Scarf-A-Licious Wrap. It's so cute. Of course, I don't have yarn for it, but hey that's ok according to The Knitmore Girls. I need more projects.

Have a great 4th everyone! Stay safe with the fireworks!!