Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm in a knitting funk. I want to do everything and nothing. Anybody else ever get like that? I get all enthused looking at patterns & yarn. Buy stuff. Maybe even cast on & then the love dies. I've done 10 rows of the Irish Poncho & am sick of it already. But it is so pretty! And the thought of doing the entire thing twice for the 2 panels makes me want to run away. But, I love it. Wahhh.

So, I picked up the Box Lace Scarf UFO which is quite lovely. And part of a KAL that I started on Ravelry almost 2 years ago.  I figured out where I am in the pattern. Knitted one row & realized that I had been knitting this scarf in stockinette even though the pattern is written for garter. Did I do this intentionally? I have no clue. Garter would have been easier. I'm using lace weight yarn which Ravelry says is cobweb & size 6 straights. I hate using straights.

And there's the CNC KAL coming up. Which I want to do but I'm afraid that I'll get started & hate it.

Think I'll listen to my audiobook. Maybe knit a dishcloth. I think I need instant gratification.

Funk, I say.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I finished the Wingspan. I really like how it turned out. The pattern really shows off the striping of the yarn & the sequins. It was a boring knit after one triangle, though. I still have two balls of this yarn left & am comtemplating either another Hitchhiker or Daybreak.

 This is another shot of the Wingspan lying on the floor. The color is more true in the photo where I'm wearing it.

The Winter Flame scarf is also finished. I love it! Saving it for a special gift. This was made with baby alpaca yarn that I got as a SS gift several years ago.

This is the Oasis Wrap. I'm enjoying the knit although it's a bit more complex than anything I've been working on lately. I'm using Araucania Ruca Multy in colorway 17. This is sugarcane yarn that is oh so soft! Darlene gifted me 2 hanks of it for SS this past year and I bought 3 more.

I've also made 2 more of the silly little frilly scarves. These are made with fabric type yarn called Boutique Sassy by Redheart. Totally fun & cute. I'm planning to give one or both of them to Mom tomorrow.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Catching up with FO's & WIP's.....

Last time I posted was in November & I had the Lace Cardi in progress. I finished it just a few weeks ago. I like it but the bust area is a little large. This is a problem that others who've made it also had. Oh well. It's roomy & I love the color.

While we were spending a couple months down south I made a shrug & a couple of cowls. It was really really really cold this year!! I love this shrug!! I used an acrylic yarn from Hobby Lobby...Yarn Bee Fetching in Pewter colorway. It has a little sparkle in it. After I finished the shrug I pressed it lightly with a steam iron over a cloth & it really loosened up the stitches.

I didn't get pictures of the cowls but they were made with acrylic yarn & are sparkly. I made them using the Tunisian Simple Stitch & then seamed the ends together.

The Winter Flame scarf is nearing completion. I have 2 repeats to go. Yay!

Last Monday at HOT, one of the ladies gave me 4 skeins of some really pretty yarn that she'd picked up at Tuesday Morning & then decided that she couldn't handle the small yarn. I loved her description of the color. She said it reminded her of a cup of cappuccino with foam. It's an acrylic wool blend with sequins. I couldn't resist coming straight home & searching Ravelry for the perfect pattern. And I found it. And I cast on. And it's really really fun! Wingspan. And I even bought the pattern! If you know me at all you know that I am frugal...yeah, that's a nice way to say it.

Now, this next one doesn't count as a WIP because:
  1. I haven't added it to Ravelry
  2. It is really just a swatch. Mostly. Really.
  3. It's marinating.

This is Oasis Wrap and I am still deciding if I've screwed up. I got 2 hanks of this lovely yarn from Darlene for Christmas. I knew it was perfect for this wrap. But I needed 3 more. I went to Nan's in Horseshoe Bay & she had the same yarn & colorway. Different dyelot. Yeah. I bought it anyway. She suggested that I use my 2 hanks for the back & the 3 new ones for the front. So...the bottom swatch is with the old yarn. It has some green in it & see those dark specks? The top swatch is the right front using the new yarn. Much lighter colors & no green. What should I do? Thoughts? I'm letting it marinate for awhile while I finish the Winter Flame & the Wingspan.

Ok, that's it for now. Oh yeah. We saw The Lego Movie & it was really great!