Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm in a knitting funk. I want to do everything and nothing. Anybody else ever get like that? I get all enthused looking at patterns & yarn. Buy stuff. Maybe even cast on & then the love dies. I've done 10 rows of the Irish Poncho & am sick of it already. But it is so pretty! And the thought of doing the entire thing twice for the 2 panels makes me want to run away. But, I love it. Wahhh.

So, I picked up the Box Lace Scarf UFO which is quite lovely. And part of a KAL that I started on Ravelry almost 2 years ago.  I figured out where I am in the pattern. Knitted one row & realized that I had been knitting this scarf in stockinette even though the pattern is written for garter. Did I do this intentionally? I have no clue. Garter would have been easier. I'm using lace weight yarn which Ravelry says is cobweb & size 6 straights. I hate using straights.

And there's the CNC KAL coming up. Which I want to do but I'm afraid that I'll get started & hate it.

Think I'll listen to my audiobook. Maybe knit a dishcloth. I think I need instant gratification.

Funk, I say.

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Knitrageous said...

Been there! You'll pull out. And as always, you'll make something beautiful!