Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Resolutions

Aside from my normal new year's resolutions to get more exercise, lose 5 lbs, have more sex (ok maybe that isn't in your list but I'm betting it is) are my knitting resolutions.

1-Finish the Alpine Lace Stole. Absolutely! I started it in Sept 2009. It is time!

2-Design a sweater. I have it planned out in my mind. Just gotta do the swatching & figuring. Can't show you a picture because that would spoil the surprise. But here is the yarn I'm planning to use. If it behaves nicely in the swatch.

3-Do something in entrelac. I'd love to do a scarf like this from Lion Brand.

Image of Entrelac Scarf

Or these socks...or both. Speaking of socks....I also want to do toe up socks.


4-Make a fair isle hat for my son in law.

5-Design a shawl. I really do want to design a shawl/stole. Really.

6-I want to make a small throw for my living room like this except in my earth tone colors. I may have to move this up to number 2. Or 3. Yeah it's number 3. But, I'm not re writing this.

7-Make this scarf  with my SS yarn from Carrie K.

8- Make this scarf  with the yarn I got from my SS (Jackie C) in 2009.

9-And the no more yarn except what is needed for the above four five six items. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 In Pictures

Here are pictures of most of my knitting projects from 2011 in no particular order. If you want more information they are all on my Ravelry page.

Five Hour Baby Sweater
done in pink camo yarn-fun knit
Drops Bolero

Gilet Noeud Noeud
very cute little sweater

Hats for Susie

Lace Cardi
a royal pita!

Leaf Yoke Top
fun knit-love the yarn!

Luggage Blossoms

Openwork Shrug
love this!

Quickie Baby Sweater

Soften His World Baby Blanket
cutest baby blanket ever!

30 minute Baby Hat & Cape
darling little hat

Ruffled Scarf
very fun & quick knit

Another Ruffled Scarf



One More Time

Just One More

Paneled Cabled Afghan
almost 3 years in the making

Lion Neck Cardi
crap picture but another quick knit

Please...somebody stop me!

Absolutely the last ruffled scarf!