Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Resolutions

Aside from my normal new year's resolutions to get more exercise, lose 5 lbs, have more sex (ok maybe that isn't in your list but I'm betting it is) are my knitting resolutions.

1-Finish the Alpine Lace Stole. Absolutely! I started it in Sept 2009. It is time!

2-Design a sweater. I have it planned out in my mind. Just gotta do the swatching & figuring. Can't show you a picture because that would spoil the surprise. But here is the yarn I'm planning to use. If it behaves nicely in the swatch.

3-Do something in entrelac. I'd love to do a scarf like this from Lion Brand.

Image of Entrelac Scarf

Or these socks...or both. Speaking of socks....I also want to do toe up socks.


4-Make a fair isle hat for my son in law.

5-Design a shawl. I really do want to design a shawl/stole. Really.

6-I want to make a small throw for my living room like this except in my earth tone colors. I may have to move this up to number 2. Or 3. Yeah it's number 3. But, I'm not re writing this.

7-Make this scarf  with my SS yarn from Carrie K.

8- Make this scarf  with the yarn I got from my SS (Jackie C) in 2009.

9-And the no more yarn except what is needed for the above four five six items. 

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