Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Somebody Stop Me!

This is totally unrelated to knitting....it began on Sunday morning when I decided to make bisquits for breakfast. As I opened the oven to put them in I noticed that my oven is--was--(note to self...figure out how to do that nifty cross out trick you see on other blogs) very cruddy. So I said to myself "I'm going to clean that oven this afternoon." It was on my list anyway.

As I was breaking my back scrubbing the oven I decided to remove the drawer underneath it and clean it out. It was disgustingly dirty. Then I made the mistake of looking under the stove. Eewwww! Dried out Cheerios and macaroni....got out the vacuum and sucked them up along with some dust bunnies and there was even a piece of wood from when the house was built 10 years ago. How embarrassing! 

So I had to get a wet rag and wash the floor under the stove. Wow! That floor looked so good and the floor around the outside was really gunky. So, I picked up my trusty SOS pad and scrubbed the floor around the outside eges of the stove. Viola! Before I knew it I had scrubbed a swath of floor about 18" wide x 6' long. Thank God I ran out of SOS pads!

G walked in at that point and I showed him my results with pride. "Just where is this going? What is your plan here?" So, I sent him off to purchase a big box of SOS pads this morning. But, I'm going to take some Aleve before he gets back.

I actually thought about posting a picture of my progress but then decided that I really don't want to show how dirty my floor is.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Tale of Two Hats or Three

I finished two hats recently. The purple one is done in some nasty acrylic with sparkly bits in it. I have no idea what brand or anything about it as it came from my dear departed sister in law from whom I inherited a garbage bag full of partial skeins of acrylic worsted weight yarn. Most without labels. But mom likes the hat and that's what counts. Oh yes, the pattern is from Knitty and is called Foliage. Ummmm. there is a red x where the picture should be. Hope I can fix that. But the picture is kind of wierd anyway because it's one of those self portraits taken in the bathroom mirror.

The blue one is smariek's Cap Karma Hat with the modifications made by Brooklyntweed for the top decreases. It is a nice pattern and quick and easy. I mostly worked on it while on the exercise bike. I am trying to improve my cable abilities so I think I will try the Honeycomb hat next.
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