Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Somebody Stop Me!

This is totally unrelated to knitting....it began on Sunday morning when I decided to make bisquits for breakfast. As I opened the oven to put them in I noticed that my oven is--was--(note to self...figure out how to do that nifty cross out trick you see on other blogs) very cruddy. So I said to myself "I'm going to clean that oven this afternoon." It was on my list anyway.

As I was breaking my back scrubbing the oven I decided to remove the drawer underneath it and clean it out. It was disgustingly dirty. Then I made the mistake of looking under the stove. Eewwww! Dried out Cheerios and macaroni....got out the vacuum and sucked them up along with some dust bunnies and there was even a piece of wood from when the house was built 10 years ago. How embarrassing! 

So I had to get a wet rag and wash the floor under the stove. Wow! That floor looked so good and the floor around the outside was really gunky. So, I picked up my trusty SOS pad and scrubbed the floor around the outside eges of the stove. Viola! Before I knew it I had scrubbed a swath of floor about 18" wide x 6' long. Thank God I ran out of SOS pads!

G walked in at that point and I showed him my results with pride. "Just where is this going? What is your plan here?" So, I sent him off to purchase a big box of SOS pads this morning. But, I'm going to take some Aleve before he gets back.

I actually thought about posting a picture of my progress but then decided that I really don't want to show how dirty my floor is.

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