Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Red Thang

This post is really about Girasole, but around my house we've taken to calling it "the red thang".
From Knitting 2009

It began with hubby asking what I was knitting and I showed him the pattern and picture and he said "But what is it?"  Good question. 

"Well, it could be a blanket but since I'm using fingering weight yarn (blank stare) it'll be a shawl." 

"Oh.  So, where's the hole for your head?"

"Ok, not a poncho....a shawl. Like over my shoulders."

"Oh." (blank stare)

So, a few nights later...."what are you knitting?"

"That red shawl."


"Remember the red thang that could be a blanket but it's too small so it's a shawl?"

"Where's the hole for your head?"

And so it went.  Also, my friends know that I knit but some of them don't knit. gasp! They always seem interested so the same conversation has been repeated many, many times over the past nearly three months. Ergo....the red thang.

All this to say....the red thang is finished! And it is gorgeous. And blocking. And I am so thrilled and yet sad to see it go. It was the most fun thing (thang) I ever knit. Challenging, gorgeous, and yet somehow easy. Cool!

What will I do with it? Not sure. I might use it as a shawl but where is the hole for my head???

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Becky said...

Bev, it's gorgeous!!! I hope I get to see it in person. Beautiful work!