Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ready for Sleeves?

I think I'm ready to put the sleeves on seperate needles and knit them up. I am excited about this but realized yesterday that I'll have to cut my yarn (I'm using a cone of yarn) then estimate how much I'll need for one sleeve and ball it up. I'm nervous about starting the sleeves because I'm not 100% sure how wide the back is. I guess I should put it on a piece of scrap yarn so I can get a good measurement. And then there's the blocking to factor in. This will be a learning experience that's for sure. If it's too big for me, I don't know who I'll give it to.

The New Vintage Capelet is coming along quickly. I've done about half of the decreases so it shouldn't be much longer. I think I will take it with me this weekend to work on in the car. I should be able to finish it. I need to get another pic of it.


tarcher said...

That's going to be so pretty. I hope to see it on the 20th.

Enid said...

Ohhthat is a nice piece Bev...! hp dont get to enabling with this one also..lol!