Thursday, October 25, 2007

Capelet is finito!

The New Vintage Capelet is finished.

I am not totally thrilled with it because it is way longer than the one in the pattern. Speaking of the pattern....the web link no longer works. So, it really is finito. I think that is just so sad. I have love this cape from the first time I saw it and I am so glad that I saved it for myself in doc format. But it's sad that it's not out there anymore! Michelle Kissoore....put it out somewhere else, please!

I think I will give this to my mom. I will offer it anyway, and if she doesn't like it well she doesn't have to take it.

I wore my Sun Ray Shawl today and it was great! The weather is so awesome right now. Perfect fall weather!


Mrs. Dietz said...

Beautiful capelet design. I love the trim along the edges.

Bev said...

Thank you! I didn't design it. Check out ravelry for the pattern. New Vintage Capelet.

Frances McKenzie said...

Found a current link here