Sunday, May 03, 2009

I Just Can't Get Enough

Of these bags! This is my favorite one so far. Done with el cheapo Red Heart and a crocheted star. I also have a star button to add one of these days.

My next project is the Flit N Float scarf which I have blogged about before. I love it and am nearing the home stretch on it. Although, I have had to frog almost all of the work I did on it last weekend. Seems I was buzzing along on the wrong chart. Damn!

The Ballet Style sweater from Lion Brand is nearing the home stretch too. I have one sleeve half done. But I am not sure what I'm doing because I made the armholes 8" instead of 7" as the pattern says. I just thought a 7" armhole would be too tight. So, now I am winging it on getting the sleeve to fit. This sleeve is made differently than any other that I've done so I'm even less sure than usual how it's going to go together! No picture worth showing at this point.

I think my next project will be Hey Teach! from Knitty. I am planning to use I Love This Cotton in forest. Should be fun.

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