Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Love to Dance With You!

This is the name of a song that we round dance to. It's a cha and I absolutely love this song and can't get it out of my head! It's such a cute beat. I have googled for it and can't find it anywhere. Gary says it is from the 60's and is a Patty Paige song. WHO?? Anyway....if anyone knows where I can get a copy of this song, I'd love to have it. The words go something like: "I love to dance with you. Tell me you love it too. Da da dee da da da."

The round dance on Saturday was really wonderful. We had 19 couples and 2 singles so 40 dancers total. Very nice crowd. From 2-4 pm we had a workshop where Lucy & Jerry taught us a couple of dances. Sweet Petite (an easy phase II two step) and I Love to Lead (a hard phase IV foxtrot). Gary & I tried really hard on the foxtrot but we stumbled some. I think we can do it with a little more practice. There were pretzels, nuts, chex mix and other salty snacks as well as coffee, water and lemonade.

Then we all went to eat at the Country Club. Sounds really posh....but get real....it was in Kingsland. The food was good, the service was outstanding, and we got back to the hall before 6 pm ready for our evening dance. The Pate's did an outstanding job cueing the dance and I think everyone had a great time. They danced "I Love to Lead" for us and it was really beautiful! We had cookies and brownies available for the dancers to enjoy with their coffee and lemonade during the evening.

I think everyone was pleased with the day and I hope we can do it again in the fall.


Enid said...

awww is that your hubby? I think I have never seem him before... you two look so lovely. I can dance merengue and salsa...but I want to learn dance for a salon.

Bev said...

Oh thanks, Enid! We are just still learning but it is such fun!