Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Life is So Wonderful

I'm sorry, but it is! And then some normal crap happens and I can just barely handle it!

Take yesterday. Gary got up complaining of pain in his lower abdomen. Well, he had this a month ago. He thinks he has kidney stones again. Or maybe a bladder infection.

So, right away I start reminding him of that and telling him to call the dr.....No. That doesn't happen. All day long....him complaining and me saying "call the dr!"

Finally at 3 pm....I say "call the dr. or I will!" What a woman! So, he calls the dr. Tells them his symptoms and guess what??? Come on over!

So, he rolls back in about 5:45 and I am dressed and ready to leave for square dance. It's our regular Monday night weekly dance and we are Presidents of the club. Not that I expected him to go, but I would go make a presence. Florence Freakin' Nightingale, I'm not!

Anyhoo....so the dr says he has a bladder infection and gives him Cipro antibiotics. All is well. I go off to the dance.

This morning I awake to the sound of the shower running at 7 am. Not a good sign! I rub my eyes and say a few choice words then roll out of bed to find out what the hell is going on.

"I'm getting ready to go to the emergency room" he says. So, I scramble to get dressed, brush teeth, grab some knitting cause I know I'll need that, maybe a book too. Do I have time for makeup? Well, now he's in the bathroom trying to pee. So, I go for a little foundation.

"Did you try to call the dr?"

"Why? They don't open til 8 and I can be at the hospital by then."

Oh jeez! So, we call the dr's exchange and the recording says if it's an emergency go to the emergency room. Shit!

He's hurting and so off we go. En route, I hand him the cell and the drs card and say call them again. Lo and behold they answer. After several minutes....the result is that we have an appointment to have xrays at 11 am and see the dr at 1 pm. It is freaking 8 am and he's in agony. So, ok they will call in a rx for pain pills. We go to the pharmacy. They don't open until 9. And it's a thirty minute drive back home.

Ummmm...ok. I need coffee. "Let's go have some breakfast and go back to the pharmacy at 9." Good plan, tonto! So, 30 minutes later I feel a little better. Back to the pharmacy... 30 minutes later, he feels better. Pain pills have been ingested. So, now we have an hour and a half to kill before the xray appointment.

Lord have mercy!

Finally, after going to fill the car with gas and trying to think of something to do to kill time we opt for going to the imaging center and hoping we'll get in early.

Thank goodness for small towns! We arrived at the imaging center at 10 (an hour early). They xray and cat scan and we were out by 10:50. So, hoping our luck will hold we haul ass for the drs office. Drop off the films and hope they can squeeze him in early.

No such luck. So, it's 11:10 and we have an appointment for 1. pm. So, a stroll through Wal-Mart to kill time, then a trip to the grocery store to kill more time. Trying to be cheery when he's in pain and I am just wishing for a xanax.

Finally it's 12:45 so we figure we can get into the waiting room at least and sit down in the a/c. Ahhhhh!

He's in....he's out....back to the pharmacy for yet 3 more prescriptions. That's 5 prescriptions in 2 days! The pharmacy says 45 minutes....45 minutes later they say 15 minutes.....By now I've lost track of time....I am running on autopilot. He's had 2 more pain pills and is sleeping in the car on the way home.

So, it's diverticulitis. Painful as hell, but when we left this morning I was figuring he'd be in surgery....

So, my life is wonderful~

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Enid said...

Beverly.... Man that sound very paiful..I hope he really get better soon!