Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hello, my name is Beverly and I'm a worrier. Worry obsessively about my knitting, that is. Or, at least, some people think I do.

My latest worry is over Aidez.  I have this gorgeous Quince & Co Osprey yarn in River colorway. And lots of people on Ravelry have made Aidez with Osprey.

My worries:

1-My gauge swatch after washing & drying is 13 sts/4" instead of 15st/4" per pattern. So, in theory, my sweater will be larger.

2-Many comments about the sweater being small by those using the Osprey yarn.

3-Should I go up to a size 40" which would give me 4" positive ease if I get gauge. Or, with my gauge, will that be too large?

4-I am tempted to try knitting it in the round which adds another level of scary.

5-If I knit the 40" size I might run out of yarn.

See?? I have a LOT to worry about!

This one is so gorgeous!! © jordynelizabeth


Merry Karma said...

I'm right there with you are knitting worry. I'm working on Hitofude right now, and although I am getting gauge on an unblocked swatch ( perish the thought) - it just looks small to me. Maybe, the blocking will open it up. If not....

Merry Karma said...

P.S. I like that sweater! /mk