Saturday, June 09, 2012


I'm not happy right now! I spent about 20 minutes writing a wonderfully fascinating post using Picasa & when I clicked "post" it got an error. All my lovely & scintillating prose is gone!

So, to rephrase....the picture at left is a collage of my first week of Photo A Day. Taking a pic everyday is harder than it sounds. Because you want it to be symbolic in some way or at least be a really good picture.

Saturday is normally my day to clean out my inbox, update Quicken, pay a few bills etc. It's a job that I don't love. So, I'm procrastinating by writing here.

Our local knitting group is planning to have a booth in the Marble Falls Market Days in September. Our last attempt at such a thing was a huge FAIL! I'm hoping this will be better. We learned some things from the last one. Let me list all a few of the things we did wrong:

1. We had too many workers in our booth. It was intimidating to the customers.
2. Our booth was set up poorly (my fault). It made it difficult for customers.
3. Some items were hung up on the wall out of reach of customers.

Market Days is a much bigger event with good traffic. One lady has great birdhouses that her husband makes, another has written an awesome cookbook that sells well. I worry that having too much diversity in our booth is not a good thing. I worry.

I don't know what type of knitted/crocheted items the other women are planning to include. I am thinking of making up a few pairs of fingerless mitts. They are popular & quick to knit. The only thing I sold in the last show was one baby hat. Ok...maybe I'll crochet a few of those! Should I focus on baby things or fingerless mitts?

What do you think?

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Merry Karma said...

Go for quick baby knits that people would want to give for baby showers - cap and bootie sets or if you are feeling really ambitious - do some cardis too.

Good luck!